Aditya Soni

Aditya Soni

Aditya Soni is an entrepreneur, internet marketing expert and a technocrat. After completing his Master’s in Business Administration, Aditya took over the internet as one of the leading business leaders— across the country. He started off with many joint ventures— including news creation, digital marketing models, technical setups and even e-commerce.

Aditya’s technological prowess courtesy his educational background has inspired him to take blogging as a leisure. He is slowly entering the world of YouTube for educating enthusiasts about online digital marketing, SEM, SEO Services and even content marketing principles.

The concepts and possibilities surrounding affiliate marketing always piqued my interest levels. However, it was Anand Srivastava who familiarized me with the most intricate aspects of affiliate marketing by teaching about the networks, possibilities, content creation, product choices, commissioning, and more.

Deepak Singh

I always wondered about starting my own blog but the underlining concepts and the necessary skills were never quite clear to me. While confused I approached Anand Srivastava who guided me thought out the process of blogging, blog setup, hosting, content strategy, keyword research with perfection. At present I am running a fully functional health blog and it’s all due to his expert training program.

Manoj Kumar

Being a part-time content creator, I always wanted to indulge myself in rewarding content marketing ventures. However, I wasn’t quite sure about the concepts and factors involved unless I came across Anand Srivastava. He was the one who made me understand the importance of targeted content, content optimization for mobile platforms, and how content marketing can be initiated across diverse platforms for generating better ROI.

Ram Rai

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