Want to start supplementing your income by making money online? One of the hottest new methods for making money online is blogging. Web logs, or blogging, began as a way for people to share their journals or opinions with friends and family. Now it has exploded into a global craze that is enabling many people to begin making money online.

The most common method of making money online from your blog is advertising. A blog that generates a lot of traffic gets noticed by advertisers or online advertising services like Adsense or Blogads,they can be used by major companies, especially those that are Internet-based, because unlike the traditional forms of advertising, blogs bring in more traffic. You start making money online by how many times these ads are clicked on from your blog.

Many companies are now getting into the blog craze and with that comes an opportunity for making money online. More and more people are making money online by becoming the outsourced writer for a company blog.

Some entrepreneurial bloggers have started making money online from digital assets. They have added e-books or started offering seminars on their blog. These digital assets are making money online on top of the advertising income where these blogs are already making money online.

Another great method of making money online is from affiliate programs. A lot of the big internet companies like Amazon are always looking to link to blogs where content is similar to their product. These links become a great source for making money online.

The final way of making money online we will discuss here today is the old standard of merchandising. If the movies and television can make money from t-shirts and coffee mugs and all other accessories,then there is absolutely no reason why you cant be making money online from it as well.

Have you ever made money from your Blog..?