I know what you guys are thinking by reading this post’s title – “Google Analytics Desktop Wallpapers!“

Any relation between Google Analytics and Desktop Wallpapers?! 

It sounds interesting, but it’s true! The new Google Analytics Desktop Wallpapers are released by Anaytics blog today!

Read their announcement today:

Late last week we launched an updated version of the Google Analytics website. Some keen-eyed observers noticed that we updated our logo as well. This is consistent with a larger Google effort to update logos on all of our consumer and business products.Consumer product logos now generally have the word Google followed by a lower case word in blue. While business products like Google Analytics are in upper case with everything following Google in gray. To celebrate the new look, we not only updated our website and blog, but one of our newest team members created some new desktop wallpapers in his 20% time. Thanks Leo.

If you’re note sure how to add these to your desktop, check out this tutorial by eHow.

Screenshots of Wallpapers:

Download the New Google Analytics Desktop Wallpapers!!

Download the New Google Analytics Desktop Wallpapers!!

Visit their blog HERE and download the wallpapers! 

Source: Analytics Blog