Today I found some good SEO tips from Google India blog for the webmasters or bloggers! These tips will be useful to you, especially for the beginners.

Here are the Tops Ten Tip from Google:

  1. Focus on original and compelling content as the foundation of your site.
  2. Put the core content and navigation of your site in text rather than graphics or Flash.
  3. Link thoughtfully. Link to sites you trust and respect.
  4. Test your site on multiple browsers, including on mobile phones.
  5. Don’t be fooled into paying for guaranteed Google rankings.
  6. Take advantage of the free online resources at Google Webmaster Central.
  7. Get attention and respect for your site by responsibly participating in online communities.
  8. Protect your site and its visitors. Update your blog/site software to prevent hacking.
  9. Use succinct and distinct title tags and image “alt attributes” to help users and Google understand your site’s content
  10. Focus on your passions and your users – then traffic and revenue should follow.

You can also watch a interview(video) on this topic from their blog HERE.

Hope the beginners will find these tips very useful! 
Thanks to Google! 

Source: Google India Blog