What I Have Learned in One Year of Blogging

Guest post by Mark.

After one year of blogging about blog tips, I would like to share this article containing all important things I learned so far. My statements are based on my own experience.

My Experiences and Advices

    1. One Article can Make a Difference
      • You can get more web traffic with one post than with ten other posts.
      • My best post have 90 visits per day currently and it make 35% of my overall web traffic.
      • Imagine, if you could write just ten posts like this my blog would have 900 visit per day or 27000 visits per month, not bad!
      • So, if you write nine posts and those posts doesn’t draw traffic on your blog may be your tenth one will do.
      • You can find many SEO tips on the internet how to write highly visited post. My advice will be to write about something people needs, and there are not much posts about it (low competency).
    2. Article Life Cycle and Seasonal Articles
      • Some posts can get more traffic today which we may not get tomorrow
      • Search terms which people searches continuously and this might have great influence on your post traffic
      • Some topics get obsolete. For example, if you write post about some technology you can predict that web traffic for this post will decreased overtime when technology described in post get obsolete. My advice is to chose topics that will last
      • Some topics are seasonal. For example, my article on How to add a falling snow effect to the blog will get more traffic in November and December!
    3. More Articles, More Traffic
      • It is usual that more articles you publish, more traffic you will get on your blog and better chance to write really good article
      • With every new article publish, you are getting more skill and experience
      • Frequency of publishing will have positive effect on your traffic. Some visitors can get hooked on your blog and if you publish frequently they will come more often on your site to check for new articles
    4. Importance of Title Tag
      • Title is text in the title bar of your web browser
      • Title tag is very important for search engines
      • In Blogger, default title is like [Blog title]: [Post title]
      • Changing title tag to the form [Post title]: [Blog title] can significantly improve your web traffic
      • My blog got 40% more visits after making above changes!

Comparison of blogspot visits before and after chnage title

      • You can find more instructions here
    1. PageRank Impact on Traffic
      • PageRank(PR) too influences on the number of visitors to your blog.
      • PR is a “vote”, by all the other pages on the Web, about how important a page is.
      • My blog’s PR increased to PR2 in 2009 which resulted in 80% more taffic.

  1. Social Networks and Traffic
    • Social networks such as Digg, Twitter, StumbleUpon and others can also help your blog.
    • To take advantage of social networks, you must have great network on them.
    • Building a strong social network is a time consuming process.
    • I get around 160 visits from Digg per month even though I don’t have strong network!
  2. Blog Design and Traffic
    • A good blog design is essential to attract new visitors and improve your web traffic
    • Traffic to my blog have always increased when I improved my theme.
      Change on blog design
    • Google like frequently changes on site including the design!
  3. Publish Guest Posts on Blogs or Submitting Posts to Article Directories
    • Publishing on article directories or guest posting are the best ways of article marketing.
    • I get around 8 visits to my blog from Ezine!
    • In my opinion guest posting on successful blogs could make great impact on your blog.