5 'Google Buzz' Tips from Google

You would be already familiar with Google’s recently launched product Google Buzz which allows you to share updates, photos, videos and more with your friends. Last day I found some interesting tips from their blog about the Buzz. Following are the points discussed.

  1. Format your posts
  2. View a summary of your own Buzz activity at Google Dashboard
  3. Use an @reply to send a post directly to someone’s inbox
  4. Try keyboard shortcuts to fly through buzz
  5. Mute posts so they don’t get sent to your inbox

Visit their blog here to know more.

More about Google Buzz:

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  • Google Buzz buttons
  • Confirm your Buzz settings
  • Improved comment collapsing for Google Buzz posts
  • Better controls for buzz in your inbox
  • 5 more Buzz Tips
  • Google Buzz in Gmail
  • Google Buzz Help Center
  • A new Buzz start-up experience based on your feedback
  • Millions of Buzz users, and improvements based on your feedback
  • Introducing Google Buzz for mobile: See buzz around you and tag posts with your location
  • Get Buzz on your phone

It’s said that Google Buzz is already a big success. Let’s hope for more updates and improvements! Have a great Buzzing!