Create Free Website or Blog @Lifeyo

Nowadays there are websites or blogs for almost every business organization, institution or for a person(personal blogs). In this day and age, we know that anyone would be able to have a website that is quick, easy, professional, and free due to the availability of many online tools and websites providing these services. Recently I have found one among such type of websites called Lifeyo.

Lifeyo is a website that lets you make free websites or blogs. It’s very useful for the beginners or those who want to run a personal blog or website. They have tools which helps you to make your site look pro, and all you have to do is click buttons and drag objects with your mouse. This is web-making in its simplest form! 

Some Features of Lifeyo:

  • Free Hosting
    Get your website online for free. There’s no charge for storage.
  • Custom Themes
    Choose a professionally designed theme. You can later customize it to your liking.
  • Blogging
    Add a blog to your website in seconds, and update it on the fly.
  • Photo Galleries
    Simply drag and drop photos to add a gallery to your website.

Lifeyo is as free as the crisp fresh ocean air. On another plus side, you won’t be hassled by advertisements and spam emails. The only time you would ever need to pull out the plastic is if you choose to upgrade to a domain name. See How To Upgrade To A Domain Name to learn how getting a custom domain address is quick and easy.

Take a look at the example site I created on Lifeyo at 

Enter the blogosphere with your own blog! Good Luck!