Having a Facebook Page for our blog is a great way to promote it. Facebook Pages give you a more dynamic relationship with the public figures and organizations you are interested in. In simple words, it helps us to share blog updates to the interested facebook users who become a ‘fan’ of our blog :) .

This post gives you a simple tutorial on how to add a Facebook Like Box widget to your blogs. If you haven’t created a facebook page yet, you can do it from here.

How to Add FaceBook Like Box to self-hosted WordPress:

You can do this simply by installing Facebook Like Box Widget to your wordpress. It allows you to enable Facebook Page Like Box through a widget. Refer the Installation and Screenshots sections for more help.

How to Add FaceBook Like Box to Blogger (blogspot):

  1. Go to FaceBook Plugins page HERE.
  2. Fill your Facebook Page URL or ID and customize the widget properties according to your requirements.
    add facebook like box to blog
  3. After customizing the widget, click Get Code. Then copy the iframe widget code as shown below:
    facebook like box code
  4. Go to Blogger Dashboard – Layout/Design – Add a Gadget – HTML/Javascript – then paste that widget iframe code and Save.

Hope it worked fine. Don’t forget to Like TipsBlogger on facebook! :)