alexa traffic rank extension for google chrome

Alexa Traffic Rank is another important factor apart from the Google PageRank, used to evaluate a website or blog. Installing the Alexa Rank extension or add-on in your web browser is one of the best way to assess the competitors and increase the traffic rank of your site. Remember, lower the number, higher is the traffic rank. You can read more about the Traffic Rank from their official website here.

Few days back Alexa introduced their official Traffic Rank Extension for Google Chrome. This extension adds an icon to your browser which shows you graphically the rank of any site you are visiting and you can see the numeric value by hovering the cursor over the icon. Clicking the icon opens a frame showing more information about the site like how many domains linked to it, how well it is reviewed and related sites. You can also easily browse to Alexa’s search analytics page for the site, or see what it looked like in the past at the Wayback Machine.


The New Official Alexa Traffic Rank Extension for Google Chrome

You can install this extension by visiting the Chrome Extension Gallery. If you are a blogger and a Google Chrome user, I recommend you to use this extension.

Enjoy Browsing! :D