Ever tried to create your own article directory? You might be familiar with the article directory scripts like ArticleMS and ArticleDashboard which are often used to create an article directory with unlimited number of authors and articles. But you may not have enough technical knowledge to install these scripts on websites successfully.

What if we can convert a WordPress blog into a dedicated article directory? You should be wondering how this differs from a normal multi-authored wordpress blog.  Well there is no much difference. But it’s not quite easy to get a relevant article directory theme and plugins to make wordpress blog looks like a real article directory! You may even resort to tweaking of themes which might cause errors often. To avoid these headaches, I have found an excellent Article Directory WordPress Plugin and a relevant Theme from Articlesss. The primary task of this plugin is deduce on the main page with the structured list of categories which can be easily customized. 

Article Directory Plugin features:

  • Amount of articles in parent and child categories.
  • Category description in link title.
  • Showing the empty categories.
  • Using hierarchy for subcategories.
  • Exclude selected categories.
  • Ability to display the specified amount of child categories.
  • Ability to display categories on specified amount of columns.
  • Ability to hide all subcategories.
  • Ability to get article source code.

Admin Interface options:

  • Ability to show warning to authors if no category is selected..
  • Ability to hide unnecessary dashboard elements from non-administrators.
  • Ability to specify the height of the categories block on Write/Edit Post page.
  • Ability to put the Terms of Publication on Write/Edit Post page.

Visit HERE to download, install and customization tips.

Why don’t you give a try!