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When I moved this blog from Blogger to WordPress platform recently, I couldn’t import the existing Disqus comments due to changes in the permanent link(URL) of posts. Disqus comment threads are based on the URL of the post.

What are threads? Threads are uniquely associated with each page which has Disqus embedded, typically an article or a blog post. For each of those pages, Disqus creates a thread that contains all of the relevant comments. Because a thread is associated to a page’s URL, or web address, they can sometimes become disassociated when the URL changes. If you’ve changed your website’s domain, you can use these new tools to restore these associations.[via]

So if the post URL changes, old comments will not be shown for the new URL even if we are using 301 permanent redirect for old post URLs. I have contacted the Disqus support team regarding this issue and they replied that a new tool is being developed to solve these problems. Surprisingly Disqus team introduced this tool last day!

How to use DISQUS Thread Migration Tool

  • If you are in WordPress, don’t forget to download and activate Disqus Plugin.
  • Sign-in to your disqus account and go to Comments -> Tools -> Migrate Threads
    DISQUS Introduced the Thread Migration Tool to Import Old CommentsDISQUS Introduced the Thread Migration Tool to Import Old Comments
  • There are two options for you:
    1. Migration Wizard – This quick and easy wizard will walk you through migrating your threads to the new domain.
    2. Advanced Crawler – This is recommended if you know how to set 301 redirects on all of your old webpages and they are still available online. Disqus will crawl all of those old pages and automatically update your threads.

    DISQUS Introduced the Thread Migration Tool to Import Old Comments

  • Choose the right option from the above. Your threads will be updates very soon! I used Advanced Crawler since I’m using 301 permanent redirect for my old posts. I got all comments imported back within minutes!

Thanks to Disqus.