Guest Post by AlaskaBlogger.

If you are a blogger then you give yourself the best chance to rank for long tail keywords, thereby increasing your earning ability with adsense, if you have proper sitewide coding.

Most of the bloggers use WordPress.  This is the most SEO friendly content management problem out there and Google loves it.  WP sites get indexed and ranked quicker than any of the others found on the internet.

Having said that you need to change the permalinks structure when you begin a new website or if you ever purchase a  preexisting one.

The default setting will look like this: http://randomblog/p?=123

While this is not the end of the world this is definitely not the optimal coding you would like for SEO purposes.

Why WordPress is defaulted to have that structure, I do not know.  But, I do know that many bloggers are losing a whole lot of money because of it.

You need to go into your “Permalinks” settings and change the structure so that the permalinks contain your keywords in them.

It should look like this: http://randomtheblog/how-to-change-permalinks

That style  complies to W3C standards and is easily read by the Google bots.  Over time you will rank for all kinds of long keyword phrases having to do with that phrase if your website has any domain authority.  The other way, well, lets hope you have tons of links and a high PR otherwise it will rank for very little.

You need to have whatever you are talking about in the permalinks.  That is one of the items that Google looks for when it is determining what your page is about.  They look at the H1, H2, and content to get a feel for the post.  Oh course, links play their role as well.

If you have a bad permalinks structure then you need to make the changed today.  But wait!  You cannot just switch.  It will be seen as duplicate content and your rankings will fall fast.  Rather you will first have to download the plugin “Dean’s Permalinks” which will do a 301 permanent redirect for you and then make the changes.

If you are a blogger that wants to not only make great quality posts but money as well, preferably off Google Adsense, then you need to have the correct permalinks so that you can rank for as many terms and phrases as possible.  You may be going after a specific keyword or group of keywords but you will find that half of your traffic comes from sources you did not even plan for.