MobilePress is a free open source WordPress plugin that turns your blog into a mobile friendly blog when viewed on a cell phone. MobilePress is flexible in that it allows you to customize your mobile presence by creating your own themes, creating themes for specific mobile browsers and also allowing you to decide when to display your mobile blog.

MobilePress comes with a number of free themes optimized for normal handsets and also an iPhone specific theme. You can also create your own themes as mentioned above. The procedures to run this plugin are very complicated as follows:

  1. Download the plugin
  2. Activate the plugin
  3. Finished
  4. Finished
  5. and Really Finished! 


Create a Mobile Version of your WordPress Blog with MobilePress

(screenshot via Opera Mobile)

Want to experience it? Just visit from your mobile browser! If you haven’t mobilized your wordpress blog yet, I strongly recommend to do it since it’s a good way to keep existing readers keep track of your latest posts in a more convenient manner. They can keep in touch anytime anywhere via mobile internet! 

Download MobilePress | Support Forums

Not a WordPress customer? Still have a solution! Other blog users can mobilize their blog freely at Mofuse.