Wordpress Blogroll Links Categories

It’s usual in blogging to show different kind of links in blogs like blogroll, social network profile links, favorite posts etc. In WordPress, we add such links through the normal Links widget. But we do not have the option to arrange these links without tweaking the templates as mentioned here. There is a simple plugin to do this called My Link Order.

My Link Order plugin allows you to set the order in which links and link categories will appear in the sidebar or footer of your blog. This plugin enables a drag and drop interface to arrange these links.


  1. Install and activate plugin.
  2. Go to “My Link Order” under the “Links” menu and specify your desired order for your link categories and the links in each category.
  3. If you are using standard “Links” widgets, replace it with the “My Link Order” widget.

So simple! Best way to get rid off errors as a result of tweaking themes. :) Don’t forget, you have to use “My Link Order” widget from the widget settings page of your theme.


How to Change the Order of WordPress Links Widget

Download: My Link Order Plugin

Hope this information was useful. Drop comments.