Hiding the affiliate link in wordpress is an usual practice these days. It is also known as cloaking or masking the links. Some says it is a part of professional blogging and SEO while others recommend it to increase clicks and enhance sales. Apart from these reasons, I would say that most of the affiliate links looks awkward to read-out. Isn’t it? :)

You can use GoCodes plugin in wordpress to hide your affiliate links. This is the most popular, simple to use and free plugin to cloak your affiliate links. It redirects your affiliate links to the product homepage and the visitors will just see the ‘professional’ GoCodes in the browser address bar! :D


If you are an affiliate of WPWebHost, your affiliate link would be as follows:


Using this plugin, you can create a cloak link for the above as follows:


How to Create GoCodes

  1. Download and Activate the GoCodes plugin.
  2. Go to Tools – Gocodes from your wordpress dashboard and create gocodes as shown in the screenshots below.


How to Hide Affiliate Links in WordPress

How to Hide Affiliate Links in WordPress

How to Hide Affiliate Links in WordPress


There is also an option to track the number of hits on these GoCodes. Why don’t you try this simple and free plugin before going for paid ones!

Download Link: GoCodes

Enjoy blogging! :)