Great Multi-Author WordPress Plugins

Multi-author blogging is one of the great features of wordpress blogs. There are a lot of plugins for the admins to manage a multi-author wordpress blog and some of them are just useless! Following are some wordpress plugins which I think are somewhat essential:

Capability Manager

The Capability Manager is the most popular and a must have plugin to manage role capabilities of editors or authors. It helps to change the capabilities of any role, add new roles, copy existing roles into new ones, and add new capabilities to existing roles. There is also an option to delegate these capabilities management to other users.

Edit Flow

This plugin is recommended for the blogs having many authors publishing several posts a day. It helps to improve the wordPress admin interface for a multi-user newsroom’s editorial workflow. The benefit of this plugin is that it improves the meta data on top of posts to better reflect the information that needs to be recorded about an assignment. This plugin adds five default statuses to the blog posts such as Assigned, Draft, Pending Review, Pitch and Waiting for Feedback.

Author Advertising Plugin

Author Advertising plugin is recommended if you wish to make your wordpress blog a revenue sharing one. This plugin helps to create a revenue sharing program for your blog utilising one of the many advertising programs like Adsense, Amazon etc. The admin has complete control over the positioning and content of ads, the user level that an author has to be before they get to participate in the revenue sharing program, the percentage of author adverts to admin adverts and other privileges.

User Photo

This plugin allows an author to add a profile photo to their account through “Your Profile” page. Administrator can also add their profile photos through the the “Users” page. Images are resized to fit the dimensions specified on the options page and thumbnails are also generated. Author photos may be displayed within their posts or comments section.

Author Exposed

Author Exposed is a simple wordpress plugin that allows your visitors to see more details about the post author by clicking on the author link. Author details include information gathered from the author profile page and the gravatar photo.

Email Users

This is yet another great plugin for multi-author wordpress which allows you to send an email to the authors. Authors can also send personal emails to each other.

Comment Emailer

WordPress notify the post authors about the new comments in their posts. This notification email includes private information like user’s email and ip-address disclosed to these authors. To avoid this and ensure the comments privacy, Comment-Emailer plugin can be used. It allows you to customize the email wordpress automatically sends when a new comment, pingback or trackback has been approved. You can change the sending email address, message body, and enable or disable all of the default options such as including the authors name, ipaddress, website, comment or reply to address.

Enjoy Blogging !