Guest Post by WP Content Plugins

Internal linking is a part of On Page Optimization and it helps in improving ranking in search engines. Getting high ranking in search engines for your targeted keywords is not difficult, but the only thing is to build some links with anchor text for it. You can manually do this by interlinking your old blog posts with new posts using the targeted keywords. However it will take a lot of time if your blog post frequency is greater.

WordPress allows you to install plenty of plugins to automate a process or add a feature to your blog. SEO Smart Link is a plugin that automatically links your blog posts using relevant keywords. For example if you are writing on blogging tips, and one of your previous blog post has blogging tips keyword, then this plugin will automatically link the previous post using the keyword.

How to Use SEO Smart Link Plugin?

1. Download SEO Smart Link plugin, Install and Activate it.
2. Now Go to your DashBoard>Setting>SEO Smart Links.

You can easily configure the plugin from here. You can select posts, comments and pages from the first option where the plugin will automatically link the blog posts using the keywords mentioned in Custom Keywords box. It’s the main box from where you will have to type your keywords for every blog post, so that whenever you include those keywords in a blog post the plugin will link it to the post you mentioned.

For Example:
Photo gallery, wordpress photo, photo gallery plugins, etc can be linked to

You just need to write the keywords separated by comma and paste the target blog post’s URL. Don’t forget the comma, other wise it will not work. Use the plugin according to your requirement and improve your blog on page optimization by interlinking the posts with each other and for better SEO.