If you make conference calls regularly and you have an iPhone, then Powwownow app would be the best choice for you. It’s an iPhone app which provides audio conferencing and teleconferencing services at the touch of a button. You can schedule conferences, set automatic call alerts plus store and manage your personal details using this app. You just have to share the app with fellow conference callers too and missed calls will become a thing of the past!

Powwownow provides millions of conference calls worldwide with no booking, no billing, no fuss. The service is completely free with the only cost to the user being the cost of their own call which appears on their phone bill in the same way as any other call.


One Touch Conference Call Connection
Join scheduled conference calls with the simple touch of a button and even join calls manually with ease if you have not received an invitation through the Scheduler app.

Call Scheduler and Call Alerts
Set up new conference calls and invite participants from your saved contact lists with automatic email invitations. Set call alerts so you and your participants will never miss a call again. Also edit your scheduled conferences and view details of conferences you’ve been invited to join.

Manage Settings
Store and manage your personal account details so you will never have to memorise your PIN and dial-in number again.

The attractive part is that there is no charge for using the Powwownow service. Everyone calling into a teleconference, including the host, simply pays for their own phone call and the call costs will be shown on your phone bill in the same way as any other call.


Compatible with iPhone and iPod touch. Requires iOS 4.0 or later.

Download from iTunes: Powwownow Mobile Conferencing App