Google Chrome RSS Feed Extensions

RSS Feed helps the visitors to subscribe to a particular blog or website to get updates. Visitors subscribe to an RSS Feed using an RSS reader which could be web-based, desktop-based, or a mobile device-based. Today you can hardly find a website or blog without having an RSS Feed. If you are a regular Google Chrome user, you can use any of the following extensions to subscribe and manage RSS Feeds of your favorite blogs or websites:
(Please browse though Google Chrome to install the extensions!)

  1. Slick RSS

    Slick RSS is my favorite RSS Reader extension in Google Chrome. It’s a full featured RSS reader integrated within the browser.

    • Supports both RSS and Atom feeds.
    • Discovers both RSS and Atom feeds within pages (with finder installed).
    • You can manage feeds manually or use a bookmark folder.
    • If you manage manually you can set a sort order and max items per feed.
    • Imports OPML files into the manager, or your bookmark folder.
    • Supports read later functionality (favorites).
    • Supports custom date formats.
    • Can display read items as gray or title only.
    • Supports 1 to 4 columns.
    • Supports blocking of objects, images and iframes in feeds.
    • Feed links always open in a new tab.

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  2. RSS Live Links

    Another widely used extension to manage RSS Feeds in Google Chrome. It gives you a Firefox-style RSS Live Bookmarks in Google Chrome which provides bookmark-like links to items from configured RSS feeds. You can read your feeds’ headlines directly from a menu-style pop-up without having to go to the home page or a specialized reader.

    • Automatic visual and audible notification of updates to subscribed feeds.
    • Menu-style pop-up list of subscribed feeds, with visual distinction between new, unread, and read feeds.
    • Click on a feed to see a list of its items, with visual distinction between new, unread, and read items.
    • Configurable “visual distinction” options for each “seen-state”.
    • Bulk open actions.
    • Support for “real” Live Bookmarks (i.e. a bookmark folder for each feed with regularly updated contents).

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  3. Google Reader RSS Subscriber

    It allows you to subscribe to the RSS feed in Google Reader by pressing one button.
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  4. RSS Subscription Extension

    It adds a one-click subscription button to your toolbar for easy subscription.
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  5. Foxish Live RSS

    It provides an RSS feed reader in the style of Firefox’s Live Bookmarks.
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Enjoy Subscribing and Reading!