apple macbook pro 2011

Guest Post by Andy G.

When will it happen?

With one month to go and we will already be in mid 2011, we cannot help but wonder when Apple will finish its upgrading which was scheduled for 2011. They still have more than six months left and so far they have two of their Mac’s upgraded to the 2011 Intel processors and they are the iMac and the MacBook Pro. The Mac Pro, Mac Mini, Macbook Air as well as the white MacBook are still awaiting the upgrades.

The MacBook Pro Upgrade

The 13-inch MacBook Pro after its upgrade features the latest dual-core processor, making it twice as fast than the previous generation and starts selling at $1,199. Apple upgraded the faster and larger 15 inch and 17 inch configurations as well. Integrated Intel HD graphics combined with Sandy Bridge architecture and 384MB of DDR3SDRAM. The 13-inch entry level model has a 2.3GHz dual-core Intel Core i5 chip and 3MB shared L3 cache. The new upgraded MacBook Pro is the first computer to have the unique Thunderbolt I/O technology. The Thunderbolt technology is developed with Apple’s collaboration by Intel and enables expandability which has never been possible on any notebook computer.

Will the MacBook be Discontinued?

Users of the MacBook will know that the MacBook is overdue for an undate and advise currently is to wait if you want a Macbook until upgrades has been done to it. Other speculation however is that Apple ver well may discontinue entry-level MacBooks, since the drop in price of the MacBook Air. Advice to consumers is to consider a MacBook Air if you are interested in an entry-level MacBook.

MacBook Air to receive same processing power

In June the upgraded MacBook Air will see the light with improved transfer speeds and processing power. In will also have the Sandy Bridge technology, including the new bi-directional Thunderbolt I/O technology of 10 Gbps and Intel graphics. Before the MacBook Pro got its upgrade in February, this was Apple’s best seller and with the upgrades being done in May it may very well prove to rise above the other Mac computers.

Upgrades for Mac Mini and Mac Pro lacking

News of when to expect upgraded Mac Mini and Mac Pro is still lacking and according to Apple insiders consumers will have to be patient, but it is possible to see an announcement in June 2011 and patience will be maintained. It is expected however that those two will receive the same new technology and well worth the wait. It is not clear however whether existing stock will be returned to Apple for the current upgrades buy it is to be expected is the reports from retailers.