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If you want to work from home and you have some writing skills (web content, business documentation, programming, articles, news, etc.), get ready to write. There are a number of freelance and contractor web sites where you can write with the potential of getting recognition or getting paid, and in some cases, getting paid at a salary you request.

At some sites, you will submit a sample article in order to qualify as a writer for the site. At other sites, you may need to set up a profile and take some tests to qualify as a contractor for the site. It takes a little effort to get set up, but it could lead to a successful job solution. Check these out!!

Online News and Article Sites

At most of these web sites, you submit a writing sample and apply to become a writer for the site. Some of these sites pay based on advertising, but you need to read the fine print to understand when and how much you will be paid. In the case of one site, for example, they state that earnings depend on the popularity of the articles you write along with the success of keyword searches. Most of them offer training videos to help you increase the visibility of your articles. Some of the writing categories include business, food, health, history, home and garden, music, outdoors, science, technology, and many more.

Freelance Writing Sites

You may be able to sign up as an employer if you need to hire someone, or as a contractor if you need work. Be prepared to spend 3-5 days to create a profile that includes your credentials, writing samples, identification, testing, and financial options. It takes some time to establish your credentials, and you may have to bid on an online job before receiving work. Some of the writing categories include web and software development, networking, multimedia, sales, business, creative, technical writing, and many more. If you are selected to interview via e-mail, phone, or Skype, you may land an hourly or fixed-rate job. Each of these sites work differently, so you will need to visit each one to understand the details of how they work. Most of the sites offer training for your work success.