Windows Live Mesh

Guest Post by Abdul Karim.

If you use more than one computer, you might find it difficult to manage your files across multiple Windows logins and computers. In that past you had to manually transfer files across either by emailing them to yourself or using a USB drive.

Recently Windows has launched Mesh which will automatically synchronise your files between your computers, it also allows you to synchronise your internet explorer bookmarks and office settings as well.

The benefit of online synchronisation is tremendous, and is particularly useful for people who use multiple computers, and for people who have fast internet connection. To begin follows the steps below:

  1. Download Windows Live Essentials.
  2. Launch the app, agree to terms and pick Live Mesh and any other apps you want to install.
  3. Launch Live Mesh and enter your Live ID.
  4. Begin by selecting Sync a folder, and allow the software to upload your files.Window Live Mesh
  5. Optionally allow Mesh to synchronise IE bookmarks and office settings.
  6. Repeat steps 1-3 for other computers, then select a location where you want the Mesh files to be synchronised.


    • Offers 5GB data capacity out of the 25GB total Skydrive storage space
    • Free to use, and readily available if you have a hotmail/live id
    • Allows you to automatically send files and synchronise your computers


    • Only works with Windows operating systems
    • Only synchronises Microsoft program settings