We often create, save, sync and access various notes using text editors. But many of us doesn’t make use of various productivity add-ons or extensions available in various web browsers like Firefox. QuickFox Notes for firefox is one of such add-ons which helps you to create, save, sync and access ‘quick’ notes at any time :) .

QuickFox Notes is a multi-tab note taking add-on that uses the integrated bookmarks system or a single sqlite database to store notes. Therefore, if you already have either a bookmarks synchronization add-on like XMarks or a file synchronization software like Dropbox, SugarSync or Syncplicity, your notes will be synchronized automatically!

Features of QuickFox Notes:

  • Text search
  • Multiple tabs
  • Auto-save
  • Spell check
  • Clipboard manager
  • Encrypt/Decrypt Notes
  • Auto-copy and Paste
  • Store to Archive
  • Email or Print notes
  • Insert special symbols
  • Google word suggestion/calculator
  • Import and Export from/to Simplenote (Access notes in iphone, ipod touch,ipad, and Android)
  • and many more features!

Download QuickFox Notes: Link-1 | Link-2

How to Access QuickFox after installation:

  1. Right-click on toolbar to open a context menu
  2. From the context menu, choose ‘Customize
  3. Find ‘QuickFox Notes‘ icon
  4. Drag the icon onto a place on your toolbar
  5. Now you can click the icons(in status bar) to open QuickFox Notes in a window(W), in a tab(T), or in an application content(B).

QuickFox Shortcuts for Editing:

  1. Close QuickFox Notes – Esc
  2. Add new note – Ctrl+T
  3. Remove note – Ctrl+W
  4. Duplicate line/selection – Ctrl+D
  5. Move up line – Ctrl+Shift+Up
  6. Move down line – Ctrl+Shift+Down