Sure, ecommerce has changed the way the world works. But there is one aspect of ecommerce that has specifically caught my attention. I am referring to buying and selling from other people — be it computers, books, mobile phones, tablets, or just about anything.

Because most people do not have the ability to trade — online or offline — they end up having to scrap good stuff. Alternatively, they go to a nearby shopkeeper who gives them a really low price on their goods. But that does not mean that I, the buyer, end up getting a good deal. The only one who gets a good deal is the middleman, the intermediary.

To get rid of these intermediaries, nowadays, there are many online platforms where one can list what one wants to sell. It is not only about auction sites, there are several other interesting platforms where one can buy and sell to specific audiences.

Of course, it is not just about buying and selling physical products — these peer to peer selling platforms allow you to sell any thing at all. For instance, I am fascinated by the fact that one can actually sell ones services on these platforms. For e.g., I could offer a course on handwriting, or even public speaking online.

Isn’t that a whole new dimension to ecommerce that the regular ecommerce websites of the world will never be able to capture? And all of this is enabled by the fact that people get to make their own listings, decide their own terms, provide their own logistics, and more.

Of course the platform provides value. It let’s you process payments, maintain accounts, target and retarget, among others. Most importantly, it creates a marketplace for buyers and sellers to get together. And that is the magic of the ecommerce era.

Try it out, I am sure you will like it.