Isn’t the Internet just great? I mean it places the whole world at your fingertips. It is almost entirely true to say that if you can wish it, the Internet can provide it. If you want to download free music, there is General Files, if you want amateur videos, there is YouTube, if you want information there is Wikipedia and so much more.

But you have probably heard more about Wikipedia and YouTube than you have about General Files although the latter is as valuable, at least to me. So, it is time that I introduce you, my dear reader to this fabulous resource.

The basic idea is quite simple. There are tons of videos that you want to watch, and there are so many mp3s that you want to listen to. So, where do you turn to find what you really want? General Files is the answer to that question, and my what an elegant answer! All you need to do is use the search box and look for the audio or video file that you want, and voila! There you have the file to view or download.

Of course General Files is not the only such site. There is one more site that I like for similar reasons and that is more of a free software catalog. I am referring to General Catalog. This site too has a bunch of interesting videos, such as popular TV shows. Of course you can get a lot else too, such a music, software, templates, magazines, games, and still more.

So that brings me back to where I started. Isn’t it fabulous that the Internet has placed all these amazing resources at our finger tips? And it is user friendly sites such as General Files and General Catalog that are leading the way in helping us get to the media resource that we need.