Black Friday is an interesting time of year — the post-Thanksgiving rush for all that incredible savings unofficially kicks off the holiday shopping season every year, and can be a pretty big deal for those of us who consider us professional shoppers. Even if you’re not particularly big on shopping, but are a huge fan of frugality — many of us are, these days — it’s a great excuse to have a super fun time fighting against crazy crowds as you try to grab hold of those huge savings on all the coolest gifts and presents for the holiday season. They don’t call it Black Friday for nothing, though — it can be a pretty grim affair. Sometimes it can get really serious, and can wind up seeming quite a bit overwhelming. There’s more and more we can do with our smartphones and tablet computers these days, and if you’ve got one of these wonderful little machines, you’re in some serious luck. Both the Google Play App Store and the iOS App Store are positively loaded with applications that can help you make the most of Black Friday’s shopping madness, and we’ll talk about the five best ones. With these apps on your phone or tablet, you’ll be able to get what you need and get home before you waste too much of your time competing with the crowd.

1. MyCityWay. This app is almost designed especially for a huge shopping excursion like the one that rolls around every November on Black Friday, and there is a lot of functionality that can help you make your Black Friday shopping spree a well-executed excursion. This app is incredibly robust and will help you do whatever you need to make your shopping trip quick and painless.

2. Google Offers. This great app will tell you where the best deals and discounts can be found, no matter what your location. It’s great all throughout the year, and if you’re looking to do some serious shopping on Black Friday, Google Offers can provide you with a quick visualization that’ll show you where to find the best places to save some cash.

3. Google Maps. If you’ve got more than just a couple of stops on your itinerary, you’re going to want a good maps application to make sure you can get everywhere in a timely fashion, and keep track of all the places you’ve got to go. Apple’s Maps application is a well-documented disaster, so if you’re really worried about getting everywhere on time, you might want to make sure you hunt down Google’s map application.

4. Zoomigo. Applications are great for a variety of reasons, and chief among them is the fact that they can provide you with valuable information on a real-time basis. Zoomigo can give you a great catalogue of all the deals and sales in your area, plus will let you create a “watch list” of items so you can get an alert when one of them goes on sale near you.

5. CheckPoints. Great for the serial shopper in all of us, CheckPoints lets you scan barcodes and do other easy operations to earn yourself points that are redeemable in a variety of ways. You can earn travel miles, and coupon codes from great websites like with an app like this one. It doesn’t even have to be Black Friday for you take advantage of the benefits of this great app.