It’s hard to believe that the hectic holiday season is already upon us, and that the New Year is just around the corner. For many businesses this entails a big push up to the end of December followed by a short break before it’s back to planning for the year to come. But for those who make it their business to provide and market online content, whether for their own business, for the company that employs them, or for a number of clients in a freelance capacity, it pays to stay on top of changing trends in order to offer the most targeted services year-round. And when it comes to the art and science of content marketing, there are a few emerging trends that are bound to play a big role in how you operate after the turning of the calendar year. Here are some tips to keep both your content and your marketing efforts current.

  1. Interactive content. Apparently, people are tired of reading. Or maybe they’re just looking for the next best thing. Either way, online marketing seems to be concerned with the addition of interactive content. It’s not enough these days to provide information and entertainment with the expectation that readers will participate by commenting or sharing it with friends. You actually have to get visitors to your site involved in the creation of content, to a degree, and the current trend revolves around providing a sort of gaming experience.
  2. Preferential marketing. Any time visitors to your site “like”, “tweet”, or otherwise share your content you gain valuable tracking information. And you’re not the only one doing it. As a result, there is a glut of analytical data that can help you to market to a specific audience with tactics meant to play into their particular likes and dislikes.
  3. High-caliber content. Although it probably won’t be long before Google presents a new set of algorithms to mess everyone up, the current batch (code name “Penguin”) is the one you should be focused on. As it happens, massive inbound linking is out and quality content is in. Google is tired of sites that work the system in order to nab the top spots for popular searches and they’re looking to return to the ideals that actually ranked the best sites the highest. This means that you not only have to create engaging content, but it has to be good enough to compel readers to “like” it so that you get brownie points with search engines.
  4. Viral video. People get so wrapped up in reaching their audience through SEO and other practices that they tend to forget that the internet is a visual medium. While providing engaging written content and marketing it effectively are certainly important facets of any online campaign, it pays to cover your bases, and viral videos can be a great way to add value to your marketing efforts and attract a broader consumer base.
  5. Global dissemination. If nothing else, the internet has accelerated the growth of the global economy, connecting people on one continent to resources on others. This means if you want to ramp up your competitive marketing efforts you need to think big, even if you have to hire translators to extend the reach of your content and seek out Hong Kong, Moscow, and Dubai SEO specialists to make sure it gets seen. Of course, not every business will have the cash or the desire to do this, but as a content marketer it’s your job to be in the know and make timely recommendations.