Blogging is becoming more and more popular these days, with the rise of comprehensive page builders and blogging services. In an effort to monitor and increase their traffic, many bloggers are looking to analytics programs to help them with managing their websites. It’s getting more popular every day, but why should you add analytics to your blog?

  1. It’s Free
    This is something that some people don’t seem to know about website analytics, but you can actually get the best analytics platform of all for your blog without paying a penny. Google Analytics is widely used by both individuals and is available for download at no cost. There is a premium version of GA that offers extra services for an annual subscription fee, but many have found the basic package to be more than adequate for their websites’ needs. It’s a free program, so you have nothing to lose.
  2. Understand Your Audience
    Systems like Google Analytics gather certain pieces of vital information about your visitors that can be very valuable for optimizing your website, gaining popularity, and meeting customer demands. For example, you can check to see where your visitors are coming from by tracing back links to see how they found your website–a great tool for marketing. You can also see how people are navigating your site, which pages they read first or last, which can help you optimize your layout. Learning more about your audience helps you to engage and interest them more easily.
  3. Monitor Traffic
    The ability to monitor your traffic is vastly underestimated in its value. People have always said there’s no such thing as bad publicity, there is such a thing as bad web traffic. Search Engine Optimization is one of the buzz words of the day, and it relates to optimizing your website to that it gets a higher ranking in search results from sites like Google. However, certain kinds of traffic, such as links coming from spam websites, can actually hurt your page rank. Analytics helps you to monitor your traffic in order to easily spot and fix any anomalies in your site’s traffic.
  4. Check Up On Speed
    How often do you spend time browsing your own website? Probably not much–you’re busy after all, and you have a thousand and one other things to worry about. So you may never know when something is wrong with your site until it’s too late. Using analytics software helps you keep track of how fast your pages are loading, so you can make your website faster and more accessible.
  5. Social Media Marketing
    The possibilities for social media analytics are practically limitless. Social media networks are some of the most widely accessed online networks in the world–especially networks like Facebook and Twitter. These are some of the best platforms for creative marketing that you have at your fingertips. You can check on your pages’ popularity in the most popular social networks and utilize these platforms as marketing territory to expand your readership.