The explosion of blogging has almost directly coincided with the explosion of online videos, and these simultaneous explosions have created one of the most significant trends on the web today–the video blog. Youtube users have been able to garner thousands of viewers for their video blogs and live out their 15 minutes of fame on the internet by making videos from home. Other bloggers stick mostly to writing and augment their updates with occasional videos. This can be done for business, pleasure, or anything in between, but there’s one thing to remember when you start making videos: they need to be entertaining.

First you’ll need to decide what kind of video you want to make, which may vary depending on your intended purpose. If you’re looking to advertise, then you might want to go for something like a TV commercial rather than a typical video blog post. Some blog videos can be as simple as a slideshow with your own personalized voice-over. This is not ideal for all because many readers like to be able to attach a face to a blog, but if you’re camera-shy or nervous about having your face plastered all over your web pages, then you may prefer to stay off camera.

Nothing turns away viewers quicker than a video that they can’t see or hear. Whatever kind of video you choose to make, be sure that both audio and visuals are up to snuff. Webcam recording for video blogs is a common option, but if your current setup is old or cheap you will typically end up with videos that have washed out colors, flat lighting, and low resolution. Likewise, if you don’t have a competent microphone built into your computer, you’ll want to invest in equipment that can give you good sound. The same goes for footage shot outside–good cameras and audio can make a big difference in your final result.

Some of the greatest film directors of all time have agreed on one thing–the importance of editing. A good editing job can mean the difference between boring and exciting, between stagnant and dynamic. Legendary director Stanley Kubrick went so far as to say that nothing is more important than editing when making good video. After you get done shooting your footage, whatever it is, be sure to spend a decent amount of time on editing. You may already have good video editing software on your computer, or you may have to do a little searching for good programs.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to take your blog to the next level with video. If it really catches on, you even have the option of going to DVD to distribute your videos through websites like at minimal expense. Adding video to your blog can set you apart from the rest, making your pages more dynamic and really establishing your online presence. Get the most out of your videos by following these simple guidelines and you’ll be video blogging with the best in no time.