When you’re in college, it’s not a slight to suggest that you need all the help you can get. Especially if you’re living away from your parents, you’ve probably got a whole lot of responsibility on your plate. Full-time students have to deal with three to five classes, at least. Each of these requires a good solid of amount of hours of dedicated studying and school work at least, which hardly leaves enough time for any kind of substantial, full-time employment. Having enough money to eat and support yourself, let alone have what’s considered a living wage, can be incredibly tough, and the responsibility of earning money can really start to stand in the way of your responsibility to study and get the grades you need to get in college so you can graduate successfully. Many of us now have smartphones, whether iPhone or Android, and whichever you’ve gone with, there are a ton of applications in both the Google Play and iOS app stores that can help you get your education in the best way possible.

1. Astrid. Perhaps one of the most user-friendly and robust to-do list applications, Astrid is an absolute joy to use. It’ll give you reminders as to when you’ve got things due, and it’ll sync up with your Google Calendar and Google Tasks to make sure you’re reminded of your responsibilities, appointments, shopping lists, and just about anything that you could want to be reminded about.

2. Mint.com Financial stability is vital to the college student, and it’s often as difficult. When you don’t have the time to earn that much of it, managing what money you do have can be tough. College is when we’re supposed to have a lot of fun, right? Well, that’s tough to do if you don’t have any money. With Mint.com you can know exactly what you’ve got in the bank. It’ll also help you set up budgets and plan out goals so that you can have your finances exactly where you want them.

3. MyFitnessPal. Staying in shape is always very, very important, and the college years are the ones where a lot of us really forget to do it. Between nutrition and exercise, college students can really wind up dropping the ball. An application like MyFitnessPal can do everything from recommend a great workout regimen to help you keep track of your food intake and make suggestions as to how you might improve your diet.

4. iHomework. If you have any trouble keeping your assignment, classes, homework, and other school things in line, then iHomework is your best friend. It’s designed specifically for the student and is jam-packed with a ton of great features that’ll help you navigate your scholastic career.

5. Groupon. When you’re in college, saving money is crazy important, and Groupon helps you do it. This will also help you avoid any kind of scams or anything overpriced, so you don’t have to put those degrees in criminal justice to work.