Designing a blog is no easy task. This will be an online face for you or your business, and presenting yourself in the best possible way is highly important. Many of the people who visit your blog will never meet you in the real world, so this will be the way they get to know you. Be sure to incorporate these 5 elements into your blog’s design for the best possible results.

  1. An Eye-Catching Header
    Imagine that a first time visitor stumbles across your blog having no idea who you are or what your content is like. The first thing this visitor will see is your blog’s header, and this is where you have the best opportunity to make a powerful first impression on your readers. Your header should be more than just a banner with your blog’s name on it–make your header say something about who you are and what you do. Make it unique, and make it work within the design scheme of your pages.
  2. A Search Function
    Your readers may occasionally want to revisit past posts, or they may be looking for a particular article for reference, or they may be looking through your pages for any number of reasons. What’s important is that you provide them a means of finding the information they need. Incorporating a site search function in your pages allows your visitors to find specific posts easier than they could by clicking through tags or archives.
  3. Intuitive Navigation
    Nothing is more frustrating to readers than being unable to navigate a blog’s links. Being creative with your blog design is great, but don’t get so carried away that your pages become impossible to navigate. Your interface should be clean and simple, and your links should be easy to find and read without becoming garish. Take a lesson from some of your favorite websites to get an idea of how you can optimize your pages for easy navigation.
  4. RSS
    As a blogger of any variety, your primary concern in writing is to get your words to the reader. One of the best ways to do this is by allowing your visitors the option of RSS subscription. This can be a great way to maintain and expand your readership, because visitors will be able to simply add your content to an RSS feed and get updated instantly whenever you publish new content. Use your own design skills to make a creative RSS icon, or choose from the many that are already available for use. Giving your users the power to receive your content the way they want it is one of the best things you can do.
  5. Responsive Web Design
    As more and more web browsing moves onto the mobile platform, bloggers need to make sure their pages are ready for mobile formatting. Look for mention of responsive design when reading any website builder review for consideration. This new kind of web page design allows your pages to adapt to varied screen sizes by automatically changing page layouts. Don’t get left in the dust–responsive web design is the most important element you can incorporate into your blog.