Bloggers everywhere are fighting for their piece of the online literary pie, and the competition is fierce. Now that blogging software has made it easy for everyone to publish their own writing on the web, bloggers need to do something extraordinary to set themselves apart from the field. For many, this means branding their blogs, and their are a few great and easy ways you can do this for your own pages.

  1. Invest in a Well-Designed Logo
    Branding your blog means making it memorable, and you’re going to need a good logo to do this. All the most recognizable brands have great logos. The idea is to turn your name into an icon that will be remembered as an image, a concept, and a product all at once. Hire a qualified graphic designer to help you design your blog’s logo–you’ll get better results than you would by designing on your own, guaranteed.
  2. Write with a Purpose
    You want your blog to be known for something. Whatever it is that you’re writing about, take a strong stand on it and push out focused content as much as possible. Some bloggers focus on music reviews, others are in the field of food critique, still more have their gaze on literature or news. Find something that you are passionate about, and make it the purpose behind your blog. Your readers will lose interest if your writing lacks purpose and passion.
  3. Be Consistent
    In order to be successful with branding, you’re going to need to be consistent with your blogging. This means several different things. Publish new content consistently so that your readers can get into the habit of checking your updates. Keep your color scheme the same–readers don’t like change once they get used to your layout. If your blog has a tagline, stick with it. Branding takes time, and if your blog is constantly changing, your readers will never be able to identify with it in the long run.
  4. Give Your Blog a Personality
    Personality is one of the most important aspects of branding for big businesses as well as bloggers. Your blog should have something that sets it apart from the rest–a unique feel, or a specific tone. Imbuing your blog with personality isn’t easy, but there are simple ways to get started. Match your writing style to your blog’s design. Make use of graphics that convey your attitude towards your subject matter. Consider writing as a persona so that you can make your articles even more unique.
  5. Advertise Everywhere
    The number one key to success for corporate branding companies is exposure. People need to know about you, and you need to be proactive about your advertising. Market your blog on social networking sites to start. This is a great way to promote your blog to a large audience for free. Something as simple as creating a Facebook page to promote your blog can grant you the opportunity to introduce your site to thousands of new readers, so advertise your blog actively and creatively.