Customizing blog pages is a hot issue for many people on the web today. The world of blogging has been growing and expanding so much in the past few years that now everyone has their own platform for expression, business, or any other purpose. Blog software has come a long way itself, from the days of largely generic page construction to the current state. We now have multiple blog publishing services that allow us to customize our blogs to an unprecedented degree, giving a great deal more freedom than ever before. With all this freedom, it sometimes becomes difficult to choose the perfect theme for one’s blog.

Most of the more popular blogging platforms, like WordPress and Tumblr, offer users the option of different themes–basically a template for your blog pages. These range from relatively minimalist designs to flashy eye-catching layouts, so there is really something for everyone. The first consideration for deciding on a theme should be the content of your blog. Some themes cater to different writing styles such as personal, casual or business. If you’re using a blog to promote your business online, for example, you will want to choose a more professional looking theme for your customers. Personal writing pages tend to have a little more room for choice.

The average blog theme will print your blog’s title in large bold letters at the top of the page, which is something that deserves a lot of consideration. Font choices are among the most hotly debated issues for graphic designers, because the way text is printed is almost as important as the text itself. Headers that are printed in bold, simple lettering give off a more sleek and modern vibe. Flowery scripted text imbues a more rustic and elegant feeling, often more popular with travel blogs and the like. Some themes will display your blog’s title in more edgy or artsy fonts–each of these options will project a certain attitude for your blog, which should reflect its tone.

Those who can’t find what they’re looking for among a blogging platforms provided themes also have other options. Prestashop themes give bloggers lots of new options that are more unique due to their lower availability. This is good for bloggers who want their pages to truly stand out from the crowd. Nothing is more frustrating for a blogger than spending hours toying with different themes, only to choose one and find out later that other blogs are using the exact same layout. For something truly unique, consider looking into outside parties for theme choices.

Everything from colors and fonts to page layouts are important considerations when choosing a blog theme, but you may also want to think about mobile access. Lots of computing is being done through smart phones and tablets these days, and if you want your blog to bring in mobile traffic, then you should look into themes that can accommodate this. Choosing the perfect blog theme will come down to a personal choice about what is best for your blog, so think long and hard about how any particular theme can work best for you.