Blogging is one of the most popular pursuits for writers today, due largely to the ease of publishing and managing content. Adding more writers to your team can be great for generating traffic and creating interesting content, but this kind of blogging entails certain difficulties as well. Follow these 5 tips for making multiple author blogging more manageable.

  1. Set Up Author Profiles
    One of the best things your blog can do for both its writers and its readers is to set up author profiles. Authors appreciate the exposure that this grants them and take this as a kind of motivation. When writers’ names and faces are attached to a piece of writing, they will be more likely to put their best foot forward and strive for excellence in their work. Likewise, readers of your blog will be able to connect with the writers and follow their favorites.
  2. Leave a Note
    It can be difficult to coordinate a blog with multiple authors, especially if you and your fellow writers don’t often see one another. Keeping everyone on the same page might seem impossible, and you may feel like you’ve failed to communicate important messages to all of your team. Leave dashboard notes on important matters. Most blogging platforms allow you to easily use this feature, making sure than everyone gets the information they need as soon as they log in.
  3. Establish Author Roles
    If your blog is like most others, you most likely don’t give equal power to all of your authors. Naturally, those who are more adept and more experienced with your blog should be given more control over content than newer writers and guests. As your writers gain experience with the blog, you may want to delegate more responsibility to them, such as editing and publishing power. WordPress, one of the most popular blogging platforms, allows you to assign roles to each of your writers, and define the privileges they are allowed according to their roles.
  4. Share Material and Resources
    You may often want to share documents or articles with all of your writers, and need an easy and secure way to do so. Email works in many situations, but is not always ideal. When you need to give your entire staff access to some good material, document sharing from WorkZone and other similar services is often the best way to go. You can make sure that everyone has easy access to the documents they need to see, keeping everyone in the loop at all times.
  5. Power to the Reader
    Blogs with multiple authors naturally tend to have more content than single-author pages, which presents additional difficulty in management. If you have 5 writers, for example, the job of editor and publisher becomes 5 times as intense. Just imagine the amount of work that is there are even more writers involved. For those moments when something slips through the cracks, give your readers the power to report posts. When something is amiss, you can be sure that someone will notice and bring it to your attention.