Every new year brings new opportunities–a new chance to change everything for the better. As a blogger, this is the perfect time to take steps toward increasing your readership. Publishing your thoughts and opinions online is easier than ever, but getting people to read them is not quite so simple. If you want your readership to expand, you’re going to have to takes steps to actively grow your audience.

  1. Write Consistently
    In order to maintain a large audience, your blog needs to update reliably and maintain a steady tone. Plan on publishing a new post at least once per week, and hold to your blog’s theme as much as possible. One of the biggest mistakes you can make is trying to wear too many hats. Choose one area of focus, and become the best at it. If your passion is news, food, fashion, politics or any other subject, focus your writing on that area and make your blog a good source of information for your readers.
  2. Write as a Guest
    One of the best things you can do as a blogger to gain exposure is to write for someone else’s blog. If you can secure a guest writing spot on another website, you get to show your writing off to a whole new audience. When those readers start seeing posts from you, they’ll trace back to your website, and you’ll have a whole slew of new readers. Some bloggers are reluctant to make guest posts because they feel like they’re working without pay, when in fact, writing a guest post is a great opportunity for you.
  3. Look for Fresh Inspiration
    Lots of bloggers burn out from writing so much because they lose sight of what inspired them to write in the first place. It’s easy to get discouraged and feel like you’re just going through the motions after a certain point. Start looking for fresh inspiration to keep your blog lively and interesting. You’ll never grow your audience if you’re not passionate about what you’re doing. Look into new avenues for inspiration–find something you didn’t know about before. Inspiration is the key to success for writers.
  4. Social Media Marketing
    Social networking websites have great potential applications for bloggers. Whether you’re based in the middle of a bustling metropolis or using rural broadband from the middle of nowhere, you can constantly connect with people from all over the world on social networking platforms like Facebook and Twitter. Make new friends, stay in touch with old friends, grow your audience and promote your blog for free using the miracle of social media marketing.
  5. Stay Relevant
    Your blog is never going to gain a new reader if it doesn’t keep up with the times. In order to grow your audience this year, you’ll need to make sure your blog stays relevant. Keep your thumb on the pulse of the culture or industry about which you’re writing. Only by keeping abreast of all the newest developments can you keep your blog relevant and enticing. The world constantly changes, and you’ll need to change with it in order to grow your audience.