In today’s high tech world of international communication having a blog is almost as common as having a business card. Your blog is the way you promote your business, share insights, generate an audience, sell products or simply pass the time with like-minded individuals. It’s an incredibly powerful resource that can be designed and launched with very little lead time and a financial pittance compared to most traditional mediums. But what happens when your blog isn’t showing up the way that it should? It’s easy for a small mistake to cause your best laid online plans to blow up in your face, costing you precious traffic and contacts. Here are some of the most common blog display issues and how to go about fixing them.

First on the list is an obvious one, when you type in your URL and load the blog only to find that your design is gone. Maybe you see a white background, or the text and nothing else, but basically everything that’s cool about your blog is gone. In this case you might have an issue with the domain mapping of your site. Check out the settings, and see if you’re missing a CNAME Record on the registrar. This record will point to your domain name, therefore tying the hosted design to the content. If the CNAME Record is in place and you’ve still got display problems, check with the registrar of the domain. There could be an activation issue causing the problem.

Another common issue involves your blog either loading incredibly slowly or not loading at all. The usual culprit in these instances is some sort of third-party script that’s unresponsive. Any widget you’ve added to the blog, ad you’ve posted on your site or content that’s coming from an outside source will all need to be reviewed in order to locate the problem. The third-party site behind that content could be having issues, which will therefore continue through to issues on your site. Refresh the site, and look for the area that holds up the loading process. Try removing that third-party script and reloading the site again. If the content in question isn’t broken but just loads slower than anything else you might need to change your blog’s layout, so the rest of the site loads cleanly before starting that additional script.

Say you’ve made a bunch of changes, such as publishing a brand new blog post or altering the site’s design, and now you can’t see any of your work. This is a fairly common display issue, which usually requires refreshing your browser. But instead of just hitting the ‘refresh’ button you’ll have to perform a hard refresh. That will clear any cached versions of your blog in favor of the new blog with updated changes. This problem appears most frequently when using the Safari browser, regardless of whether you have RealTek drivers installed or the stock offerings, but it can come up with any web browser at all. If you use Safari open its menu and empty the cache. Then hit Control+F5 on your Windows computer or Command+Shift+R on a Mac device. That should work for any browser.