2012 saw one new website explode onto the social media stage: Pinterest, the image-based platform allows users to grab images from all around the web and add them to their own personal boards. Each individual user is then left with a collection of their favourite pictures and products, which are shared with other “pinners” around the globe.

The platform has now surpassed 11 million users, all collecting and sharing their unique views on the world in image form. So what made Pinterest the platform of choice in 2012? Here are some of the pins that got people talking (and re-pinning) last year.





1. The magnetic sofa cloud

Taking relaxation to a whole new level, the magnetic sofa cloud allows you to relax and levitate all at the same time.








2. Spring is in the air

There’s a fresh scent in the cool air and a watery sunshine peeping from behind the clouds. Break out your pretty pastels, spring is on its way.








3. Giant, inflatable Twister

How do you make the game of Twister even more chaotic? Make it bigger. And then inflate it. Endless joy for summer get-togethers.








4. Healthy food that looks edible

Pinterest is awash with recipes that make your mouth water. This wrap from 2012 looks extremely appetising for those embarking on a New Year’s diet.










5. Everybody is a genius

Looking for inspirational quotes? Here’s a lesser known favourite from Albert Einstein himself.






6. Hanging baby cot

Something special for last year’s newborns – just make sure it’s tightly tethered to the ceiling.









7. When life gives you lemons

Gorgeous summer inspiration for a zesty lemon drink – perfect for those parties beneath blue skies and a picture re-pinned by hundreds. The great news? Now Christmas is done and dusted we’re on a countdown to fresh frivolity under the warm summer sun. What’s in store for 2013?







8. Hobbit hole in the back garden

For a perfect kids’ playhouse – or somewhere out of the way to install the mother in law – there’s nothing better than a unique hobbit hole. This is a sensational place to view, and it ties in wonderfully with the launch of The Hobbit at cinemas during the end of 2012.









9. Autumn Pumpkins

Pinterest is truly a home for all seasons and the perfect place to find inspiration at all times of the year. Pumpkins adorn this quaint woodland cottage during the month of October in a celebration of Halloween.







10. Oh Christmas tree

If Christmas is turning into an all too distant memory as January sets in, let Pinterest remind you of the bright warmth you felt during deep midwinter.





Author Biography
Rachel Hurley is a writer for Simply Electricals, the Award winning North West Independent Specialists.