This most recent recession has taken a serious toll on the U.S. economy. But it’s not just about financial markets, bank debt and real estate. There are lives at stake, and many folks who used to consider themselves firmly ensconced in the middle class are now facing massive amounts of debt, thanks to an extended unemployment period, an unexpected illness not covered by medical insurance or even a natural disaster that decimated their community. While all of these may or may not have anything to do with the state of the economy, there’s no question that people need help digging their way out of debt. Thankfully, modern technology offers you more tools than ever before, not only to manage your finances but to turn them around. If you’ve got a mobile device, check out the ReadyforZero App and start working your way out of debt today.

All you have to do is grab your smartphone or tablet device and head to your app store. You’ll find the ReadyforZero app available for any iOS-powered device, and it will download very quickly. Launch the app and open a free account. Once you’ve entered an account ID and password, the next step is to give the app a complete picture of your finances. That means pull up all of your debts, your credit cards, your mortgage information, any student loans or other short or long-term loans you might be carrying, and enter in all of that data. Then add in your bank account information, as well as the details of any other assets you’ve got on the books. The app will generate a tally and give you a snapshot of where you stand financially. At that point you’re ready to go.

ReadyforZero will then help you set a goal for paying down your debt, as well as come up with a strategy for actually reaching that goal. You’ve got to do the hard work yourself, as far as acting more prudently. But thanks to the app you won’t have to really think very hard along the way. It automates everything possible, and provides daily tools and tips. As far as debt-reduction tools go, this app is a powerful option.

According to the designers of ReadyforZero, customers have already made the app a significant success. It hasn’t been around for very long, but the numbers do not lie. Customers using ReadyforZero have managed to reduce their total debt by upwards of $32 million. That may only be a drop in the bucket as far as the national debt goes, but for private individuals that’s a huge amount of money. It could end up making the difference between finding the means to paying off a mortgage or losing your house, of feeding and clothing your children or sending them out with one bare foot the next time they misplace a sneaker. That may sound dramatic, but for many Americans those were the sort of choices that had to be made over the past several years. Apps like ReadyforZero can’t solve the underlying problems. But if they can help change even one life for the better their creation is absolutely worth it.