Whether you’re enrolled in an Ivy League University or a two-year junior college earning a degree is no walk in the park. You’ve got these massive life changes to deal with, often leaving home and taking care of your needs on your own for the first time ever. You’ve left your friends behind and need to make all new connections, navigate a large, often overwhelming campus and even juggle a part-time job. Amongst all of this stuff you still have to study, write papers, take tests and earn grades that either send you off to celebrate or back to the dorm to hide under the covers. It’s a lot to handle even when you have a great support structure. Thankfully, technology is also on your side. If you’ve got a mobile device, download the Evernote Peek App and discover why it’s a must for college students.

College kids aren’t exactly known for top notch organization skills. You’ve got several classes to keep track of, and each one works on its own schedule. With Evernote you can create a Planner notebook that will have you more organized than you would ever have expected. All of your deadlines and projects can live in the same place, so you’ll never miss a due date again. And the Planner isn’t only for your school work. You can include anything with a due date here, such as internship or job applications, sports practices or school elections.

Regardless of your major you’re going to spend a ton of time doing research while at school. It comes with the territory. But much has changed in how people research over the past few decades. The internet has taken the place of the library, and most students don’t even know what the Dewey Decimal System is anymore. But while the internet is an incredible resource it is also quite cluttered. Even useful web pages are chock full of advertisements, links and unnecessary images. You also don’t want to be tied down to your computer all the time. Evernote allows you to clip web content out and move it into a new file. You can save that file and access it from wherever you are. A forgotten link or lost browser bookmark will never sink your research project again.

University classes move fast, much faster than your high school classes did. The professor won’t always stop for questions, and you often have to choose between taking good notes or actually listening to what is being said. That’s no kind of decision to make. So use Evernote to take the pressure off of note-taking. At the end of class, snap a photo of the chalkboard and Evernote will upload it into your notes folder. You can make additions and highlight certain elements later. Same goes for written notes. Either take a photo or scan a hand-written ream of class notes and you can use them just as if they were digital. They’re searchable as well, as long as your handwriting isn’t terrible.

Finally, consider Evernote for group projects when you can’t be in the same physical spot as your partners. Maybe you wanted to learn more about Pepperdine’s online MBA program, but stopped because you realized you won’t be able to get together with your peers to study. Thanks to Evernote this is no longer an issue. Create a Shared Notebook and everyone on your team can contribute to it. You can adjust a study guide through the app that everyone can access, and even quiz each other with homemade practice exams.