A blog can be a great way to promote a website, but how do you start promoting the blog? Well, the best way to promote a blog is through the magic of email marketing. Email marketing can be an incredibly powerful too to promote any business or service. The whole idea behind starting a blog is to boost traffic to your website, but email marketing can take it up a few notches and it can really help to get your site ranked high in the search engines. When it comes to Google’s algorithms, a blog that is more heavily trafficked is more relevant, thus it gets ranked higher in the search engine. Here is how to use email marketing to promote your blog.

First and foremost, you need to place an email signup window on your blog. The best way to start an effective email marketing campaign is to send out your emails to people that actually want to receive them. If your blog is optimized with keywords, you may start getting a stream of traffic, so the goal is to convert that traffic into newsletter sign ups. This is why you want to advertise very clearly that you want people to sign up – maybe even offer a discount to people if they do.

After that, you want to have an email marketing service account set up where you can start logging all these email addresses automatically. You also want to be able to use this service to send out email blasts to your list. One of the best platforms to use is the Blue Hornet email marketing platform, which not only allows you to log email addresses and send large email blasts, but it is also intuitive and offers the most effective method to get your information out to a wide swath of people.

Next, you want to find a schedule to send out your emails. Do you want to send out email blasts every day or every week? Or do you want to send them out every month? In most cases, you want to send only one or two a week – anymore than that and you will get a deluge of unsubscribes. When you send out your email, you want to construct it according to a hierarchy of content. For instance, if you want people to read certain blog posts, you want to highlight and hyperlink certain headlines and direct people to those posts.

In the end, email marketing can be a great way to boost traffic on your blog. Not only that, but it can also be a great way to build a traffic base on your website, which can ultimately boost sales conversions. In this day and age, email marketing isn’t just important – it may be imperative, especially if you are a small or startup business. When you create your email campaigns, you want to make sure that you create an enticing subject line that makes people want to actually open the email. In a world where spam proliferates, you actually want your emails to stand out and you want to make them useful. In the end, the more helpful your emails, the more successful they will be.