As useless spam pages get created every single day Google fights spam with computer algorithms and with manual reviews. The major search engine Google cannot be blamed for this. Some action needs to be taken to put an end to low value sites which feature in the search listings. The computer algorithms get updated regularly. If you have been handed a manual action penalty, you must ascertain what has gone wrong. On Google’s manual action spam page, you will find a brief description of the problem which caused Google to take the action and penalize your website. It is of vital importance that you find out the reason of penalty so that you can avoid it the next time.

Google’s spam action

Each penalty can be resolved in a unique way. Some actions taken by Google may impact your entire site while some may involve only a few links. This primer highlights the different kinds of penalty and the steps you can take to remove your website from the penalty box. By adopting these steps you can restore the previous glory of your website. If Google notices that your website has unnatural and deceptive links it may take manual spam action against you.

Action against deceptive links

It will work in your favor if you take steps to identify the unnatural links. It is essential that you Google your site’s url to identify the links which somehow do not feel right. One of the easiest ways in which you can remove the links is to request the linking site’s webmaster to remove the links. One way in which you can avoid Google’s spam action is by getting acquainted with the guidelines laid down by Google’s Webmaster. Make sure that the links meetthe Webmaster guidelines. Remove the links which violate the guidelines in any way.

In cases of hacking

Google may impose a penalty if your site has been compromised. You will receive a message from Google, which will say that unfortunately itslikely your site has been hacked. Thus, it makes it important that you take the right steps to remove the spam action and to avoid it you have to be careful. You will have to take your website down till you find out about the method of attack and review the extent of damage which has taken place. Find out the vulnerable aspects of your website which allowed the hackers to carry out their operation. Make sure that you work on the vulnerable areas and repair the damage which has been caused. You can seek the help of cheap SEO experts.

Remove content which is thin

If Google feels that your website contains thin content it is recommended that you go through the Webmaster guidelines. Go through the guidelines regarding affiliated programs, content which is automatically generated and scraped content. You can consider using software such as Copyscape to ascertain whether there is any duplicate content in your website. Another feature which is unacceptable by Google is the keyword stuffing. If the search engine accuses you of keyword stuffing, you can take some steps to get rid of the spam action.

Do not include duplicate content

You can use the webmaster tool Fetch to identify content which is detected by the crawlers on the web. Be on the lookout for excess usage of keyword and content which is repetitive. Do not include data which is redundant. After you take steps to restore your website, you can request for reconsideration of your website from Google. Google leaves no stone unturned in removing spam content as it has very little value to the users. thus by following the webmasters guidelines you can save your website from being penalized. Even after a spam action with the right steps you can restore your website.