web hosting consumer guideA good web hosting platform is important to every website. A well supported and well managed website creates the foundation of your business and your brand. Any downtime can potentially damage everything that you have built over the years. If you take your website seriously, you must make sure that it is in good hands!

Selecting between the web hosting companies is really a tough job these days especially because the web hosting companies run tempting promotions. If you are planning to sign up for a web hosting account, here is some important information that you need to know before getting carried away by the tempting promotional offers and marketing gimmicks of the web hosting companies.

Below mentioned are some guidelines that will make you a smart customer!

The ‘Free Domain’ Marketing Gimmick

A free domain certainly sounds good but here are some important things that you must take into consideration before availing this offer:

Who owns the domain?

Although a free domain is offered, at times the hosting company might retain the ownership of the domain. What does this mean? Either you are stuck with that hosting company forever or you have to pay a huge amount to get the domain back.

What about the next years of renewal?

You might get the domain free for the first year but when it expires, you will have to pay the renewal charges.

It is better to ask questions about the points mentioned above while you are researching on the web hosting companies. Make sure that the standard renewal charges of the domain name are economical.

Separate Hosting And Domain

It is not necessary that you have to register the domain name from the same company through which you buy the hosting account. Don’t take this in a wrong way! This is not to imply that your current web hosting company is not trustworthy; it is more about finding a feasible option. After all, your domain name is your online identity; it is an asset that cannot be replaced; while the web hosting platform is just a means for accommodating for your website.

You might think of convenience! The web hosting companies would surely prefer to have your domain name registered with them because it is one of their revenue systems as well. However, in the long run, if the web hosting company defaults and if the service and goes down, then you will lose your domain name as well.

Read The Bandwidth & Disk Space Terms

Bandwidth and disk space are the terms that are often ignored by the website owners while shopping for a shared hosting package. If you think similarly, then you should ask this question to yourself, ‘What if my website suddenly becomes popular and the traffic increases? Will I have to pay a hefty charge for the huge data transfer process?’

Although most of the websites will not cross their bandwidth quota only because of high traffic, but if you enable file downloads through your website, then it might happen.

The Catch Of Unlimited Storage

Unlimited storage sounds like a great offer, doesn’t it? This is what some web hosting companies want you to think. But there is no such concept as ‘Unlimited Storage’.

Have you ever gone through the complete TOS of your web hosting company? Unlike many website owners, you will just roughly scan the TOS instead of reading it carefully. In the TOS, there is a section that contains information about server / CPU usage.

In simple words, it says that if your website uses more than a specific amount of storage space, it violates the TOS and therefore it might be subjected to termination. It is legitimate that every web hosting company should have something like this in their TOS in order to protect the resources of the server from improper usage.

Managed & Un-Managed Hosting

When you start shopping for the appropriate web hosting package, you will come across two types of hosting platforms : managed and unmanaged. In case of the managed hosting platform, you will get complete support from the web hosting company and the server maintenance will also be taken care of by the web hosting company. Whereas, the unmanaged hosting platform provides you with complete control for managing your websites the way you want to and performing the necessary tweaks as per your preference. There are web hosting companies that offer both managed and unmanaged web hosting platforms like MilesWeb managed and unmanaged VPS packages. Depending on the level of control you want, you can select the suitable hosting platform.

Research And Know More About The Web Hosting Company

A smart way of knowing about the good and bad web hosting companies is searching this keyword in Google ‘web hosting company sucks’ and check the results that are generated. You will be shocked by the number of customers that complained about having bad experiences with some web hosting companies.

Although this method might give you can insight about the web hosting company however you should not use this information as the final decision because of the following reasons:

Unfair Count : Large web hosting companies tend to disappoint some customers; although the dissatisfied customers might just be a small percentage of the overall satisfied customer base.

Bias & Subject Verdicts : Statements made on personal blogs can at times be highly subjective, influenced and biased. At times, any contradictions or positive points are potentially deleted by the blog owners for giving a one-sided opinion.

Complaints Are Common : It is easier for people to complain than to praise. In general, if a web hosting company performs efficiently, they are just doing their job and if it doesn’t, than that company deserves all the bad reviews.

Buy & Save With Commission Rebates & Coupons

Web hosting companies run various offers and discounts with coupon codes as promotional measures; therefore, it would be unwise to shop for a web hosting package without finding an appropriate rebate or coupon code. Ofcourse, you will also come across the web hosts who do not provide coupons, or don’t have an affiliate program, but that does not mean that they are not good web hosts.

Create Your Own Backup

This question might have crossed your mind – Is it alright for me to rely on my web hosting company alone for creating backups of the files? Well, you guessed the right answer, No! While the web hosting company needs to perform regular backups, it is ideal for you to perform off-site backups as well.

As many web hosting companies trying to make their mark in the web hosting industry, you have to be a smart customer and make making better and informed decisions. With the information mentioned above, you will be able to move ahead with the right thought process for signing up for the ideal web hosting platform.

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