Whether you are creating a website for iWeb or looking for a SEO Software for Mac, building a website on iWeb and doing its SEO can be quite a challenge for the users. For those who are attempting it, here are a few tips. There are different SEO platforms like Paradox SEO which make the process a very simple one.

Content is king

The first and most important point of SEO eve for the iWeb is content. Even though most people are aware of its importance, still there are so many iWeb websites which barely pay any attention to this rule. You will see page after page filled with pictures and yet there is not much content.

While having image and graphic-rich pages is an excellent idea, it does nothing for the search engines. How will users find your pages if there is no text on them? Even if you want an image rich website, make sure that there is some text for the users to find through their searches. Each page should have at least 250 or more words.

Optimizing website speed

The second important point is to make sure that the website runs fast. Now, your search engine rankings could depend on how fast your website runs. If it is slow, it loses out. So a top prerogative is to make sure that your pages load at top speed. One of the main issues with iWeb is that people tend to upload a lot of images which are of very high quality and hence bi in since. This makes the pages slow while downloading.

One of the ways to solve this problem is by reducing the number of images on the website. Another solution is that you could use a website optimizer which will reduce the sizes of the files on your page so that they load faster, making the website faster in turn.

Creating a XML sitemap

If you use the commonly used navigation menu on the iWeb, then search engines will find it difficult to locate all your pages. The reason for this is that the standard navigation menu is made in JavaScript which is not very popular with the search engines. To solve this issue, creating a XML sitemap is a good solution. This has to be submitted to the search engines.

Link building

Again, like content this is another well known cliché. However it is also a cliché for a reason. Search engines get really happy when a website recommends the link of another website. Again, the recommendation has to come from a website which already has an established and quality reputation. There are quite a few ways of achieving incoming links. This is something that all iWeb users need to keep in mind.

Title tags

One problem with iWeb is the fact it is very difficult for iWeb users to change their title tag. Another problem is that a lot of users aren’t even aware of what title tags are. However there are tools which can be used to update their title tags in a very simple manner.

By using SEO Software for Macusers can do the seo for their professional websites. There are already a few tools available in the market with advanced automated report features like Paradox SEO. Paradox SEO is a very powerful yet simple to use SEO platform.

About the author

Lisa Hines is a professional web developer at a SEO firm. She is a Mac user and has written articles on SEO Software for MacLisa loves to camp and ones regularly camping with her family over the weekends.