systembackupNowadays, people have started to store all the information in the devices, which let them free and also enable them to access what ever they need and whenever they need. But, if the stored data get deleted accidentally, you are finished. You can over come this problem by making use of the perfect backup tool to store all your information, pics, files and much more. Worried of searching for the best backup solution? The Best Free Backup Tool in Existence. Easeus Todo Backup Free offers the cost-effective backup solution to fully protect Windows Servers and ensures your servers can be quickly restored when any sorts of disaster happens, maximizing uptime of your servers. This backup tool is very easy to use and integrates well with Windows, which back up your entire system’s current state, data, settings and much more information. The tool also do the task what you want it to do whether you want it to backup your information as partitions or full disks in terms of any crash issues or other.

What makes EaseUs Todo more unique?

EaseUs Todo’s Backup tool is the perfect tool, where one can schedule full system, disk, partition and even file-level backups. Exchange and MS SQL server backup controls are also available in this, which is the prime attention of the tool. Once you select a backup type, you can set up the parameters of your backup to include scale and frequency. You can have continuous data protection where you need it, and cloud storage and synchronization where you want it. The most common crash that occur in the server 2003 system for various reasons, which can be easily restored by the EaseUS backup tool. But if you have backed up the system before, system restore server 2003 will be very easy.

EaseUs Todo’s Backup tool is featured with various functionalities, which in turn restore all the information in your server instantly from malwares, virus, crashes, or any sort of accidental disaster. The tool is featured with the Bare-metal restore, which let you to recover an original information which is stored in your computer and restore it on a new hard drive. It is boasts with the Granular file recovery, which make your searching process easier and enable you to search and recover individual files from the backup. The device also sports PXE Server, which allow the IT admins to the machine through the network for back up with out making use of any bootable media.

The star feature in this back up tool is the Centralized management, which manages all the back up tasks through central Management Console that surely save time. Enjoy the Flexible backup storage, that copy all the original content to the local hard drive, external hard drive, USB drive, NAS, FTP Server or CD/DVD for double protection if disaster occurs. The special benefits in Easeus Todo’s Backup tool is that it restore and protects the data in the more secure way using industry-standard 256-bit AES algorithm and it supports P2V migration and P2V conversion, which help you to migrate your device from physical to virtual machine and vice versa.

Overall, Easeus Todo’s Backup tool is the user-friendly Windows server backup utility that offers decent support comprised of full set of powerful tools.