When it comes to choosing a web hosting provider it might become a very difficult and onerous task actually. Mainly it is because the variety we can choose from is countless. Especially when you start thinking and researching, you see that one companies are better than other ones and so on. These considerations might be endless if you don’t have whom you can trust and who can give you a good friendly recommendation.

So here we are. We are happy that we had an ability to test Host1Plus service and specifically their affordable web hosting solutions. We will try to give a honest recommendation about whether or not you should sign up with them.

Web Hosting Solutions

If you will access their official website you will find out that the company actually offers four web hosting plan packages.

Screen Shot 2015-02-21 at 0.38.28This is a pretty great variety which means that you will have more chances to suit it to your own specific needs. Mostly a hosting company will deliver you 2 or 3 plans so in this case you have more options.

Starter Plan

Starter Web hosting plan is actually suitable for starter websites, business email, representational sites etc. Keep in mind that this plan comes without a MySQL database, so if you are planning to have a website with a database, it’s not for you. This plan will not provide you a lot of resources but it will totally suit the needs of a small static websites or business emails. 1 GB disk space, 50 GB bandwidth and 1 available domain will be included in the price of only $0.83 per month.

Personal Plan

Are you looking to host a small personal website or a blog? Does your website generate not a large amount of traffic? Well, in this case Personal plan will be just perfect. It is mainly used for blogs and small business website, so it should cover your needs. If you are interested in how much you will have to spend – don’t worry, the price of this web hosting plan is really affordable – only $2.25 per month. For the price paid you will get 5 GB disk space, 100 GB bandwidth and 3 available domains. This time MySQL and PostgreSQL databases will be included.

Business Plan

Host1Plus calls this plan the best value they have. And when we will get to its specifications you will find out why. It provides more resources than previous plans so it is appropriate for different needs as well. If you need to host a medium sized, community based website or even a small online shop – this web hosting plan should meet your needs. For the price of $6.65 you will be supplied with 30 GB disk space, 500 GB bandwidth, 30 domains and 30 MySQL/PostgreSQL databases.

At the end, we did not find any drawbacks to their services. They seem to have a pleasant 24/7 customer support (available in English, Portuguese and Spanish) that are always there to help. So generally you should not be disappointed if you will order affordable Host1Plus services.