There is an increasing amount of influential devices and even more affordable data plans offered to Smartphone users these days that have given the maximum breathing space for the mobile apps to mushroom. Today, you get an app for anything and Apple is the forerunner in the mobile app space growth and hence its devices are also gaining huge popularity. With Apple offering app developers from outside the chance to sell their iPhone applications from 2008, there have been many expert as well as novice app developers making use of this wonderful platform to gain some financial wealth. The following are the tips you need to consider to design a good app for the Apple iTunes store and to make it a popular app in the store.

Content is the King

It is important for you to understand that people have visited your app to check out what it is offering them and how useful it would be for them. Hence, the content has to be given utmost importance, even more than the interface. Never eat into the space of the content which is what people are looking for. You should try to use less pushy ways to showcase invasive branding.

Allow Users to Know Your App

You should make sure that the app that you develop for the iTunes store must be one that does not have an instant login option upfront to allow users to enter the app. This will put off a lot of users looking to use the app. You should try to delay the login requirement as long as you can so that users get a chance to navigate through most portions of the app and also use some of the functionality of the app before they log in. Allow users to do something useful with the app before you ask them to login to the app.

Avoid Driving Users to Settings Option

As much as possible, you should make sure to avoid sending users of the app to go to the Settings option. The users will not be able to go to the app Settings without switching away from your app and your main aim must be to keep them from getting diverted from your app. An example of a wonderful app that keeps users engrossed in it is the Slotomania free video slots games. The need for Settings has to be decreased and if at all you need to gather information about the user, you can question the system for it.

Use New Gestures For Game Apps

If you are designing a new game app, then you can use new gestures and custom gestures to offer a great and fun experience for the users. If you are not developing a game, then it is better to avoid using new gestures and stick to the standard gestures. The new gestures do not carry any significance in apps that allow people to do things that are of importance to them.

You should also bear in mind that the iOS app you develop must never have Close or Quit option in them.