Does technology make our lives better? There has been a great deal of controversy around that question. On the one hand we have optimized many of our daily tasks with the help of gadgets, smartphones and more. On the other hand, by incorporating too much tech and accessories into our lives, we’ve grown distant from some of the basic aspects of life, and thus there are some who now call for a reevaluation of when and where technology should be used.

Of course, it is always important to remain conscious of how we live our lives, and do what is best for our health and well being. And while technology can get in the way at times, for example at the dinner table, other times it can be a major saviour and help you to make time for the things that really do need your undiverted attention. So what are some iPhone apps that will make your life easier?


Need to streamline things in the kitchen? Well, BigOven might be the perfect app for you. Apparently this app takes the “effort out of cooking” and if you’re busy with little skills when it comes to meal-making, then that’s exactly what you need. This app provides a database of 200,000 awesome recipes that you can arrange in a calendar and even use to generate a grocery list (latter feature available only with pro version). You can also share recipes with your friends.


This is probably one of the best organization apps out there. It’s not free, but worth the small investment, and really, who can put a price on making life easier? Things allows you to sleekly manage your to dos, due dates, projects, calendar and notes. You can organize things with categories and dates. Plus if you have a Mac you can sync Things with your desktop as well. Staying organized with Things is wonderfully easy!

A Personal Assistant

Well who doesn’t need one? With this app you can access and manage your numerous online accounts, that includes social media, bank and online shopping accounts. No more struggling to remember passwords, just access all of them from your Personal Assistant app! You can also have access to cool features like the itinerary and financial overview. Another plus, A Personal Assistant is very careful about security and uses 128 bit SSL encryption to ensure that your information stays safe.


These days we all have so many accounts both on and offline that it can be real pain trying to remember the passwords and pins for all of them. Enter eWallet. With this app you can safely store all of your security information and sync it with your PC. Doesn’t matter if it’s bank account info, health info or the password to your Facebook, you can safely store it with eWallet. The app does cost $9.99, but you shouldn’t put a price on safety.

Remember the Milk

Indeed, there’s been a time in all of our lives when we don’t Remember the Milk. Avoid such conundrums with this app that is perhaps the finest task management assistant available on the iPhone. This one is much simpler than apps like A Personal Assistant and Things, but that’s what makes it so appealing. Just a simple to do list that keeps you in check and organized.

Bio: I’m Mary Gevorgyan! I love marketing and management, I love creativity and innovations, I love friendship and faithfulness, I love ballet and contemporary, tech and accessories + keeping up to date on emerging technologies, social media platforms and digital culture.