Get the latest Movavi software for video editing in Mac OS and enjoy a plethora of features. There is no such software that can only take you a few minutes to master. The software has so many inbuilt features which help you edit videos quickly and efficiently. The best part is that you will not have to go to an expert for the editing as you can do it yourself. Interactive interface, ease of use and simple to follow tutorials are just some of the descriptions for this application. Since Mac computers are so quick you will even have an easier time to complete tasks on time.

How to Install and Edit Video

On your Safari browser for Mac go to Movavi website then search for “video editing software”. You will get options for both Mac and Windows operating system but you will choose Mac for software compatibility. Download the software and install it on your computer. Open the program then drag and drop the video that you want to edit. You can also import all photos and audios that you would like to edit or merge with videos. You can then begin the editing process. You can either choose to create a slide show for many photos or you can place the photos as cut-ins in between video segments. It is also crucial that you choose the aspect ratio of the files you upload.

Simply import files into the program and start the editing process. With this you will easily create photo slideshows. However, ensure that just before you create the slideshow you have edited and improved different aspects of the photos. That’s basically what the application is meant for. The simple controls that you get on the intuitive interface allow you to learn about the software faster within the first few minutes of you getting it.

Editing Features

Almost all Macs require a video aspect ratio of 4:3. It is important that you consider this when your edit and enhance your movie. You can then trim the parts of the video that are not appealing to you. This can be parts which were not captured well during the shoot. Clear parts with poor audio quality can also be trimmed out. You can then fragment and cut footage into different parts to make transitions easier. You can also delete unwanted video parts so that you remain with clear videos. This video editing software for Mac also has sound control features and ability to adjust your audio frame.


They are very important for video editing. The software has an inbuilt feature called the Magic Enhance is responsible for brightness, contrast and adjustments of white balance features in your videos and photos. Contrast makes the clarity of your photos and videos whereas brightness enhances the color of the photos even more. The white balance feature ensures that there is a good hue relation between color white and other colors present in the video. You can use them to enhance the features of your files especially when they were not captured well. Sometimes you will not have to recapture the video again but simply make adjustments.