Quora is basically a question answer platform but looking at it in a different perspective, Quora can drive you a lot of traffic that can turn to paying customers.

There are a lot of users on Quora and most of them are looking to solve a problem they have. They simply ask questions they need answers to, and you could answer the questions in your niche to show your expertise.

Once you have a professional profile set up on Quora. You can begin answering questions to showcase your expertise and boost your brand image.

Quora marketing is one of the best ways to boost your brand image and you can drive a good number of traffic from Quora.

Some reasons you can’t refuse marketing on Quora is listed as follows:

  • Gives Room for Expertise in Your Niche

Quora is one of the best ways to demonstrate your expertise in your niche by answering questions on the platform.

Users that have problems related to what you do can ask questions and you give them the answers that could solve their problem and that signifies your expertise.

  • Get exposure to a million of users

This is one of the good reasons you should market on Quora because of the exposure you can get.

Quora has a million monthly viewers and you can get a share of the traffic if you do it right on the platform.

This gives you room to gain more exposure on your content and gain more traffic.

  • Easy to convert traffic.

Most people that require an answer to a question on Quora are in need of a solution to the problem. They are ready to follow the process you give them in your answer because they need a solution.

As a marketer, you are looking for people that have problems for the solution you offer and Quora gives you that.

Most of the users that ask questions won’t think twice to pay or to get anything done to solve their problem. Quora serves as a great referral traffic to your solution.

  • Gives you Free Content Ideas

If you need to create content and you get lost in ideas, Quora is a good place to go and find content ideas.

Any content that you put out there is actually an answer to a question. You can easily find ideas of what people need answers about and that could make a good blog post, YouTube video or whatever content.

Simply go on Quora and find about topics in your niche and write about it or make a nice video about it.

  • Great for spying on your competitors.

You can use Quora to get a bit ahead of your competitors by seeing what they are doing to solve people’s problems in your niche.

You can find out what people are saying about your competitors in your niche and learn more on where to improve in order to attract more customers to your solution.

Learning never stops and you can learn a bit about your competitors by reading through Quora and getting information on how problems are being solved by your competitors.