For someone interested in accessing restricted information, VPNs can be of great help. Better known as the Virtual Private Networks, these utilitarian entities allow individuals to redirect most of their internet activities without worrying about the restrictions imposed by the concerned ISPs. A VPN is mostly a server that offers an additional link and masks the existing IP address. The existing IP is therefore replaced by a more secretive one which then offers unhindered access to the otherwise restricted websites. Lastly, it goes without saying that increased online censorship has in a way, popularized the adoption of these Virtual Private Networks.

However, selecting the Best VPN for Windows can be tricky job as it requires extensive levels of research and prominence, in regard to continued internet surfing:

  • Hide my Ass

Similar to the name, this VPN for Windows is also known for the features sets on display. While Hide my Ass is perfectly capable of maintaining user privacy by offering the best confidentiality standards, it is also a popular choice for someone looking to unblock certain content or protect the online identity while browsing. Moreover, this VPN also makes room for unlimited content streaming and allows surfers to choose from a list of 280 plus locations. 


  1. Supports usage across multiple devices
  2. Offers unlimited bandwidth
  3. Doesn’t include log storage
  4. Offers round the clock customer support
  5. Concurrent connections are supported
  6. Features open source code
  7. Makes room for Unlimited switches across servers


  • Nord

Here is an extremely popular VPN that has been reviewed and recommended by many internet experts. Moreover, the scope of service associated with the Nord VPN is great and the same is spread across more than 5000 servers, at present. With coverage spanning across 60 and more countries, this VPN is a great bet for someone who is looking for good speed and P2P support. 


  1. Offers protection against DNS leak
  2. Excellent speed
  3. Kill switch is incorporated within
  4. Fastest possible streaming support
  5. Spread across more than 5000 global servers
  6. Features an additional Onion security layer


  • Strong

Here is one VPN that comes into the mix as an extremely targeted entity with the capability of unblocking streaming content like Hulu, Netflix, and more. If you are looking for navigate open internet, this has to be the best solution in the market. Another good thing about this VPN is the availability of mobile optimization and applications that are extremely user-friendly. Last but not least, if and when Strong VPN is used to unblock Netflix content, the streaming speed is always higher as compared to any of the other VPNs in the market. 


  1. Hides the IP address
  2. Follows the Zero Log privacy policy
  3. Comes with mobile and desktop application
  4. Supports multiple platforms
  5. Online security guaranteed
  6. Supports anonymous browsing
  7. Spread across more than 24 countries and 660 servers
  8. Helps bypass existing online censorship


  • Express

Last but not least, this VPN is a great ally for the Windows powered systems as it makes way for unhindered network access and that too at enviable speeds. That said, Express VPN is rated highly in the United Kingdom and even supports multi-platform and multi-device compatibility. 


  1. Supports around 148 servers
  2. Allows content access from any part of the world
  3. Supports split tunnelling of VPN for additional security
  4. Offers a 30 day trial period 
  5. Masks IP addresses completely
  6. Offers round the clock support


Virtual Private Network is the need of the hour with extensive levels of online censorship hindering the overall viewing and online surfing experience. That said, if an individual is using an Windows powered system, the mentioned VPNs are the most credible and genuine ones that can be considered.